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Lattoflex Mattresses

Unique resting comfort at every degree of firmness


The current Lattoflex generation of mattresses is cozier, more comfortable,
thicker, more breathable and more varied than ever.

Lattoflex's fundamental idea of "linking" different strength mattress core modules has proven itself over 10 years. This modular interface offers you exactly the support you need.
Five mattress cores meet nearly 100 percent of your comfort requirements. This results in a variety of mattresses when different coverings are combined. Which is your favorite model?


The Product

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Further details on the mattresses

Find out more about the benefits of Lattoflex mattress and choose its unique resting comfort. MORE...

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Pictures of the Lattoflex mattress

Here you can find high quality photos of our Lattoflex mattress.


Öko-Tex Standard 100

All Lattoflex mattresses are tested according to Öko-Tex Standard 100.



Lattoflex mattresses

  • Large and comfortable shoulder zone
  • Climate stripe or climate border for improved ventilation
  • Extremely breathable with open-pored ClimaCell®- foam and broken-up surface
  • Ideal complement to comfort sitting frame
  • Different cover fabrics for almost all requirements
  • Easy removal of covers for washing or cleaning


Optimum adaptation

Phasen-MatratzenkernPhase mattress core
The modular cut and the broke-up surface of the Lattoflex mattress adapt perfectly to your individual body silhouette. Even light weight people appreciate this. This is how Lattoflex mattresses wonderfully complement all Lattoflex comfort sitting frames.

ClimaCell® from Lattoflex

climacell-b300The material is characterized by high point elasticity, extreme breathability and excellent suitability for people with dust allergies.


Pleasant lying comfort

flexible matratze neuThe 3D surface design increases smoothness and noticeably improves lying comfort. The optimized and excellent point elasticity provides an ideal fit for the body. The material is extremely breathable and ensures the typical dry warm bed climate of Lattoflex mattresses.

Öko-Tex-Standard 100

Textiles VertrauenAll Lattoflex mattresses are tested according to Öko-Tex Standard 100. This certified human ecological safety applies also of course to the ClimaCell mattress cores.

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    2 cm mehr Komforthöhe als bisher
    Größere und komfortablere Schulterzone
    Klimastreifen oder Klimaborder für verbesserte Be- und Entlüftung
    Extrem atmungsaktiv durch offenporigen ClimaCell®- Schaum und aufgelöste Oberfläche
    Ideale Ergänzung für Komfort-Sitzrahmen
    Verschiedene Bezugsstoffe für fast alle Ansprüche
    Einfaches Abnehmen der Hüllen zum Waschen oder Reinigen