Lattoflex 200

The backbone for your bed

Do your back a favor and try the amazing sensation of sleeping on a Lattoflex 200 bed system. The unique frame, with countless flexible points of support, cushions the shape of your body and spoils you with fantastic sleeping comfort.

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The product
The Principle
Adjustment Options

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Many adjustment options

Do you wonder why you don't sleep well on a slatted frame? Lattoflex gives your bed a real backbone! MORE...

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Learn more about the unique Lattoflex technology and functions of the Lattoflex 200 frame.

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The Principle

What is special about a Lattoflex frame? Learn more about the principle behind Lattoflex 200.

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Dimmable light bar

The LED light bar is mounted under the bed, providing indirect and subtle orientation light from this location. Actuation via the Lattoflex remote control with timer function and adjustable brightness (setting can be saved).

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Electric hot-water bottle

The "electric hot water bottle" is operated with the new Lattoflex remote control. Time and temperature can be easily adjusted and the settings saved. Make your bed cozy at the touch of a button from your living room.

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Plug-in socket receiver

You can operate up to 6 plug-in socket receivers with the new Lattoflex remote control: radio, bedside lamp, coffee machine - we don't limit what you can create with your imagination.

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Stop the nonsense

The time of the tiresome "visitor gap" is finally over. Our new frames are designed to bring together that which belongs together in a double bed.

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Nobody else has this

Individually adjustable, back-friendly sitting position. Infinitely adjustable. Ingenious and unique: When raising the back, the frame slides 25 cm backward so that the bedside table remains accessible.

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Especially popular

The so-called "heart-leg position." The entire length of the body is slightly raised at an angle until the feet are at the same level as the heart. This is best for circulation and blood flow through the veins of the legs.

The Principle

The frame of our beds has always been the problem child of the sleep scientists. Better mattresses and wooden bed frames from the 50s only produced minor improvements.


Lattoflex gives your bed a real backbone.

Patented wings support the body with pinpoint accuracy with elasticity as they follow each movement while you sleep. The contact area of the mattress is much smaller than that of a slatted frame.
Pay special attention to the golden seal at purchase!


Extra responsive initial spring suspension


The patented Lattoflex wing suspension system. Extra long spring arms ensure unique body fit and fantastic reclining comfort


The lateral spring element cushions each zone of the main weight.


Minimum contact area

for extremely well-ventilated mattresses


Dynamic point spring system

It gives way immediately under a light load.
The resistance of the springs increases if the pressure is stronger.

Click on the frame to see the adjustment options


Whether as a basic version or as a high-tech frame with comfort at your fingertips:
All models of the 200 series have the unique Lattoflex wing suspension, the comfortable shoulder zone and the ability to reinforce all zones with additional support profiles.
Together with a mattress from Lattoflex, which was specially developed for this frame, the Lattoflex bed system is an oasis of rest and relaxation.


Lattoflex 200

The basic version
The affordable framework has the real Lattoflex suspension.
Of course, with shoulder zone

Lattoflex 210

Easy and top ergonomic. With adjustable headrest and shoulder zone - for more support in the neck area and less pressure on the shoulders.


Lattoflex 220

In addition to the adjustable headrest this frame has a reflux adjustment. The frame can be raised at the headrest in 3 stages.


Lattoflex 230

The option of the 3-step body inclination position benefits your circulation.


Lattoflex 250

A sitting frame with simple, manual operation: 6-level upper body adjustment and 3-stage foot section adjustment.


Lattoflex 251

Like Lattoflex 250 but with bed box opening.


Lattoflex 260

Here the basic idea of the mechanically adjustable comfort-sitting frame was expanded to include the manually adjustable 3-stage "bent-knee" function. It creates a very relaxed resting position.


Lattoflex 270

The sitting and knee joint adjustment is carried out manually. A gas spring supports the continuous adjustment, which can be reached from lying down in the bed.


Lattoflex 295

Luxury class comfort and sleep experience! All functions are motorized and very easy to adjust: adjustable headrest and back, upper and lower leg adjustment and body inclination position. You will never want to be without it.

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For all motor power frames: new Lattoflex wireless remote control with color display for control of all motor adjustments and other options.
Furthermore, the motor power frames can be controlled with your smartphone as an option android appstore