Customers reports...

Many customers tell us about their positive experiences with Lattoflex products. Watch the video with interviews of the participants in the great sleep test 2013:

Here are a few excerpts from these customer letters:

Mr. Maximilian P. from Weissenbach:

"Since sleeping on Lattoflex my back pain has decreased considerably. Now I sleep through until the morning and am not knocked out."

Mr. Gerhard Z. from Obergrafendorf:

"I can't really explain it. It's just a nice peaceful sleep."

Mr. Markus S. from Hochheim:

"My experience has only been positive. The sleep and comfort are excellent. From day one, I've enjoyed Lattoflex. When staying somewhere overnight on vacation or on business trips in hotels, I regret that Lattoflex has not being used more often. I would always recommend this impressive system."

Ms. Kirsten S. from Dortmund:

"I am very satisfied with the Lattoflex system. I sleep wonderfully and would recommend it any time."

Family V. from Crailshaim:

"We have owned Lattoflex with mattresses since June 2007 and since then have been sleeping on CLOUD 9. Now my husband sleeps well again Sunday evening which he always had trouble doing before. Thank you Lattoflex!!! We can only recommend that everyone buy Lattoflex bed systems."

Ms. Brigitte S. from Hausham:

"Since sleeping on the Lattoflex bed system my back pain has improved significantly. I look forward to my bed every night. In the morning I am well rested and ready for the day. I recommend this bed system to my friends, but unfortunately, most have decided to buy a water bed (in spite of back pain!) instead."

Mr. Max S. from Darmstadt:

"Thank you for asking about my experience with my new Lattoflex bed system. So far, I sleep wonderfully on my new mattress and the slatted frame and have been free of back pain for a long time. At 1.93m I really enjoy having a bed that is 2.20m long! The wide range of selection regarding length and the very moderate extra charges are a big selling point for their products. Keep it up!"

Family R. from Gladenbach:

"... I needed few days to get acclimated, because of my back problems, which have now improved. My wife slept well on Lattoflex from the first night on. It's just unfortunate that this Lattoflex mattress was not available sooner."

Dr. S. from St. Georgen:

"Thanks for inquiring. We like to sleep on our Lattoflex beds. I and my wife have lost some of our back pain. In spite of the higher price levels we recommend Lattoflex to others."

Ms. Ute E. from 41844 Wegberg:

"I feel like I am "floating" in this bed." "The difference to a normal slatted frame is enormous."

Family S. from Schweinfurt:

"The back problems have not only become less but have practically disappeared without a trace."

Mr. Frank Ramsak from
73579 Schechingen:

"It's nice to rest and sleep in any position and without pain."

Ms. Barbara M. from
79822 Titisee-Neustadt:

"A very different sleeping experience in deed, I feel much better after I wake up."

Ms. Ute Kathmann from
29553 Bienenbüttel:

"I slept through right away the first night, and well ... such a great bed is beyond price."

Ms. Corinna B. Kuschka
from 21029 Hamburg:

"Immediate acclimatization, much more relaxed sleep."

Mr. Hans-Joachim Feddeck
from 20359 Hamburg:

"I like best that I can sleep on my side again."

Ms. Irena Pauler-Forst
from 35745 Herborn-Seelbach:

"I can sleep on my back again, something I couldn't do for years."

Mr. Uwe Gorbracht
from 35688 Dillenburg:

I wake up more rested through better and deeper sleep. I don't wake up at night because my back doesn't hurt anymore."

Ms. Elke Elbert from 49808 Lingen:

"I lie down and feel comfortable immediately. I notice after a few minutes that my back pain goes away."

Ms. Ruth Gnade-Cramer
from 58453 Witten:

"Thank you Lattoflex for increasing the quality of life!"

Ms. Barbara Wagner
from 77656 Offenburg:

"One rests completely relaxed, no matter in what position. I get up from time to time and have absolutely no back pain."

Ms. Ursula Reinhard
from 63457 Hanau:

"Good sleeping comfort immediately (even after the first night). Noticeable reduction of back problems felt after the test phase"

Ms. Ute Reyer
from 22149 Hamburg:

"After 3 days my back pain was less and less each day. Even my sleep has improved. I look forward to every night in my bed."

Ms. Christel Küster
from 32676 Lügde:

"I feel very good during sleep and wake up almost always without back pain."

Ms. Karin Stängle
from 72144 Dußlingen:

"After one week of acclimatization, I slept like a log. Every morning I'm actually perfectly rested which was not the case with my old bed."

Mr. Manfred Rebmann
from 24558 Henstedt-Ulzburg:

"I was very surprised at what such a system can do for my sense of well-being."

Ms. Marion Wessing
from 45701 Herten:

"I was really refreshed after a super night of sleep without waking up as many as 30 times."

Ms. Melanie Richter
from 51429 Bergisch-Gladbach:

"My sleep has really improved. I couldn’t believe it at first."

Ms. Monika Blume
from 67063 Ludwigshafen:

"I can finally sleep well without serious problems."

Ms. Gisela Stahl
from 22179 Hamburg:

"I got used to the new Lattoflex system immediately. My early morning back pain was gone after just a few days. Now I always go happily to bed at night and sleep "heavenly." I could hardly believe it, but it's true: it's like sleeping on cloud nine with Lattoflex."

Ms. Gabriele Beuke
from 67259 Beindersheim:

"Very pleasant and relaxed comfort. Furthermore, very good fit to the contour of the body - resulting in a good night sleep and a whole new sleeping experience! Highly recommendable"

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